All about Kanjivaram Saree - History, Making, Types, and Specialty

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Kanjivaram Saree is one of the leading south Indian saree that has a close connection with women. The term Kanjivaram Saree is also known as Kanjeevaram Sarees, Kanchi Cotton Sarees, and Kanchipuram Silk Sarees. As the name sounds, it came from a town in Tamil Nadu called Kanchipuram where the Saree was originally originated. This saree is now becoming trending wear for all major functions, celebrations, events, and festivals. The Kanjivaram Silk Saree or any other clothes weaving in this style has a touch of Gold and Silver across the borders. It is believed that the Zari also known as the border has at least 0.6% gold and 57% silver in it. Plus this also got Geographical Indication (GI) to claim that the saree is from India.

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The history of this kanjivaram saree says, it has a close connection with Saint Markanda, the God of Weaver. Still now people believing that they are the descendants of Saint Markanda. Another history show, the Chola King Krishna Deva Raya who ruled the Kanchipuram city from the year 985 to 1015, takes the initiative of trading silk sarees. The real weaving experts the Devangas and the Saligars visited the city Kanchipuram at that time to boost the silk trading.

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Today in South India, the Kanjivaram Sarees can be seen widely and it is the main wear for their weddings. This saree is one of the on-demand saree for all festivals and an inseparable connection of having this saree in the favorite wish list. Really, wearing a Kanjiivaram Silk Saree with a Gold border is a pride for women.

Making of Kanjivaram Saree

Unlike other silk sarees, Kanjivaram Saree's production uses pure silk made from Mulberry. First, the yarns are dipped in rice water followed by drying in the sunlight. This helps the yarn to become thick and stiff. Further, the thread is strongly intertwined with Silver wire/yarn. Again, the resulted thread is interlocked with gold thread/yarn. Now, the thread for the cloth is read. Here, the process of making Saree by hand-made weaving starts. The final fabric produced in this method is strong and durable. Each Kanjivaram Saree weighs about 2 KGs. Since the saree used real Gold and Silver, the cost is a little expensive compared to other saree.

Due to the high cost, people nowadays are using a lite-version of this saree which was made from Synthetic yarn. This synthetic yarn used saree is decreased in weight as well as cost. But, the durability is the same as the real Kanchivaram saree.

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On some occasions as per the customer request, the ornate pallu and borders for the saree are weaved first to get some specific themes. Further, it is attached to the main area of the saree using the intricate weaving method. Even though, it was weaved separately no one can able to find the saree has separate pieces first. Most of the intricate weaving has the design of a zigzag pattern. It looks beautiful and the favorite choice for customers.

The average length of Kanjivaram saree is 9 yards but also available in 6-yard length. Like designs in modern sarees, nowadays weavers also show their talents in creating unique designs that cannot compare to others. Whether buying a saree for a new bride or Bollywood stars, the Kanjivaram saree is always the top priority. It is the must-one in every women's wardrobe and it is. Yes, the unique designs, color with gold and silver, and material quality are just amazing and a perfect fit for an Indian Queen.

Types of Kanjivaram Sarees

It is nothing suspenseful that the kanjivaram sarees have many types. It differs based on the yarn used, weaver style, border style, etc.

  1. Plain Kanjivaram Saree with Golden Border - Plain means simple? No, the saree uses real gold at the borders gives a rich look for women.
  2. Traditional Kanjivaram Saree - This is the real Kanjivaram saree type mostly used as wedding saree or bridal saree. Here, the main theme of the saree will be coin, chakra, or checked motifs that represent the tradition.
  3. Modern Kanjivaram Saree - Lightweight saree weaved using newer colors, fashionable motifs, up-to-date trends, and special or additional designs on borders that perfectly fit for a new bride.
  4. Temple Weave Kanjivaram Saree - This type has a zigzag and real temple design or gopuram at the border.
  5. Floral Weave Kanjivaram Saree - This type of saree is designed by using a flower theme in the main part of the saree and the actual golden color comes on the border.

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Since the saree become popular throughout the Chola dynasty, this Kanjivaram saree is ruling still these days and evolved big than we think. The feel a woman has with this saree is unquestionable. To buy a real Kanjivaram saree at a low cost, filter the saree produced with copper borders instead of silver or golden borders. The copper borders also have gold or silver but in minimum quantity.

Specialty of Kanjivaram Saree

Kanjivaram saree is different from other silk saree and regular saree. The silk used to produce threads is high cost and not used highly in regular saree making. Seeing the silk for the first time, everyone feels with a wow expression that cannot be denied by anyone.

Like how pure is Kanjivaram saree, many in various others regions also claiming with this name and selling sarees. Buying on those areas, you only end in getting low quality with high spending.

kanjivaram silk saree online

According to a recent survey, buying Kanjivaram saree is not an expenditure but an investment.

The time is moving fast. Day by day, the number of designs and themes is increasing and it can feel difficult to choose one favorite saree when more sarees come on the favorite list.

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